Contract Staffing in Singapore is probably one of the best employment agency solutions for a company that is seeking suitable, efficient staff for a certain period of time while at the same time attempting to keep their overheads down.

A recent survey from an employment agent shows about 80% of workers in Singapore*, both locals and foreigners sometimes opt to seek contractual work. From  our other Singapore recruitment agency interactions we have found this to be true from anecdotal evidence as well.

For the employer this can lowers costs, allow them to test candidates before permanent offers are made and also assist the organization when it sees a temporary pick up in activity.

Candidates also benefit because they can get a better work life balance, get exposure to work they enjoy doing and can  also command higher compensation in certain circumstances.

However, some companies do not have the time, as well as the expertise and to look for contract staff, since contract staff can also be choosy at times. As a well established employment agency in Singapore we are fully away of this.

We have the perfect solution! ContactOne Employment Agency, provides efficient, experienced and skilled staff / employment agent from a wide range of industries with the best knowledge about manpower sourcing in those specific areas. We can also provide workers under various contract period terms to best suit your requirements. No other Singapore recruitment agency will be able to customize its offerings based on your requirements.

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