The search for candidates for permanent positions can be very time consuming and frustrating at times. This is because when you post online in job employment websites and portals, due to the sheer number of job postings, your chances of being seen by the ideal candidate is very slim. You will also be competing directly with the biggest international recruitment agencies and companies. This thus decreases the chance of you finding a candidate fitting your requirements.

Apart from this, companies spend a huge amount of time unknowingly filtering away suitable candidates which can sometimes result in failed attempts to find the one-perfect-candidate for the job.

We at ContactOne Employment Agency lift this burden off your shoulder and proceed in doing what we do best which is finding the best candidate for you. You can rest assured that the candidates showcased to you are already filtered and pre-qualified to speed up the process of finding your permanent staff in a local or am international recruitment agencies setting.

Our phenomenal growth over the past couple of years is testament of how we are able to handle all the obstacles of finding your permanent staff. This includes employment pass application in Singapore which can be a tricky process in itself. Work pass applications in Singapore in general can be extremely complicated.

Construction jobs in Singapore for example are getting harder and harder to fill especially at the supervisor level. The Malaysian workers supply numbers are also falling as many of them are opting to work in more far off locations.

We are fully aware of the political implications and difficulties encountered by companies in hiring workers for construction jobs in Singapore as well as the challenges in Malaysian workers supply. For each difficulty there must be an efficient game plan to resolve the issue. We have just that!

We are thus professional in our approach to looking for suitable, well qualified locals, Malaysians and other foreigners to fit the roles you are looking to fill in your organization.

Call us now at +65 6338 9465 and as we are always on our toes to hear you out.