Since each of our recruitment consultants specialize in a specific industry, we are well -equipped in providing your company, suitable skilled candidates to do Secretarial, Accounts & Administrative work, IT, Engineering, Sales and Marketing and even construction jobs in Singapore. This is something that not many employment agencies in Singapore can do.

Our comprehensive and well-monitored selection process works to your advantage in your quest for finding qualified temporary staff in a local as well as an international recruitment agencies setting.

Matching candidates can be a pain-staking process to those who have limited knowledge of the industry and of their clients. There is a higher risk for the candidates to be mismatched if there is insufficient industry knowledge and expertise. This type of mismatch has been the experience that some of our clients have had to deal with in the past when dealing with other Singapore recruitment agencies.

Our experts step in for the task of finding temporary staff to suit your industry. Industries such as: Banking & Finance, Engineering & Construction, Logistics & Shipping, Hotel & Retail, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Petroleum & Oil & Gas Exploration, as well as Medical & Health are all fully covered by our team of international recruitment agency experts. We carefully filter and pre-interview all our candidates for a higher chance of fulfilling your requirements.