As a premier Singapore recruitment agency, we believe in continuously expanding our base of highly qualified executive level candidates and are continuously exploring the most effective tools to reach out to potential candidates.

We have found that having an online presence and taping into the various forms of media has been our most fruitful efforts so far. We also pride ourselves in being a truly equal opportunity employer just like international recruitment agencies with staff, candidates and clients from multiple nationalities.

As part of our strategy to better aid our clients, we provide comprehensive strategies to fine tune your job descriptions and also attempt to understand your requirements in-depth after a detailed consultation with you. This ensures that the only the right candidates do indeed apply. Other employment agencies in Singapore may not go to such lengths.

Furthermore our ability to tap on and maximise our reach ensures that our clients’ job openings are seen by all qualified candidates who are looking for greener pastures in their careers. We can also assist in the application of an employment pass in Singapore.

Comprehensive Networking

 With a wide array of professional networks across various industries, ContactOne Employment Agency leverages our networks in providing the best candidates, without any hassles.

You get a better chance at meeting only the best candidates for any given role.
These candidates will be ideal for the role, well-qualified and save you the trouble of having to go through any pre-screening or further short-listing.

Database File Search

Our gem is in the gold mine which resides on our huge database of resumes from various industries such as : Banking & Finance, Engineering & Construction, Logistics & Shipping, Hotel & Retail, Food & beverage, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Petroleum & Oil & Gas Exploration and Medical & Health. This has been gathered and compiled over the years from all our candidates past and present. This is something that not many Singapore recruitment agencies may have.

You need not look any further since we will do all the searching for you!

Efficient Head Hunting

 We will help you search for only the winners. Our rapid growth and success over the years speaks volumes of how our vast experience and people skills has worked not only to the candidates’ advantage but to our clients advantage as well. This is why our employment agency in Singapore is even well respected in the international area.

The talents of our candidates are never wasted since we always guide them well and keep them well informed. We filter, pre-qualify and do comprehensive sets of interviews for  all our candidates whom we feel might be suitable for a particular clients organization or role. In this way we open up the possibility of honing winners before we endorse them to you. This also makes the international recruitment of candidates for our clients more smooth sailing.