There has been an increase in demand for the foreign recruitment of staff and for foreign workers in various industries for the last couple of years. We at ContactOne Employment Agency, understand the need to employ foreign talent as part of the workforce in Singapore. We are constantly coming across jobs for foreigners in Singapore and have been successfully placing our candidates into these roles.

Our competitive edge is in having a huge database that specializes in catering foreign well-qualified candidates from China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines and Malaysia. Also, we have a database of pre-qualified, suitable skilled candidates from especially China & Malaysia to fit various positions.

Filling jobs for foreigners in Singapore is one of our key expertise. These are usually jobs that Singaporeans themselves do not want to do; an example of which are construction jobs in Singapore. Our database of candidates also stretches to a big pool of Malaysian job seekers as well as fresh graduates who wish to work in Singapore.

Due to close links between Singapore and Malaysia, employers in Singapore are always concerned about the MMalaysian workers supply since for many companies, Malaysians make up their largest proportion of workers.

ContactOne Employment Agency is aware of such on-the-ground issues and is always compliant to the rules and regulations set by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) so clients as well as candidates can rest assured they are in good hands. We are also experts in the employment pass application process. Please consult with us if you have any specific issues related to the employment pass of your staff. Our consultants will be ready to help.