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What You Get From International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

There are a number of specialized industries which lack the adequate talent pool within Singapore, as with any other country. Foreign professionals can take advantage of this shortfall by seeking employment in Singapore. International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore can assist you in finding an ideal opportunity which appeals to your level of training and experience in a variety of industries. The country is in serious need of foreign skilled manpower to cover the yawning gap within its manpower requirements.

The State of the Job Market

Singapore is a highly developed country which boasts one of the world’s thriving economies. It has much to offer to the foreign graduate or professional who meets the required criterion and possess a sought-after qualification and/or skill.

What You Get From International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore 2

Opportunities are abundant within a broad selection of industries such as IT, software engineering, and finance, among many others. People who possess an impeccable level of qualifications and skill in these industries stand a good chance of landing employment in great profiles.

Most companies operate on a 5-day working week stretching from Monday to Friday although for some its business as usual even on Saturdays. On average the working week spans 44 hours and you will enjoy 11 public holidays. The personal tax rate that applies to Singapore is much less than what obtains in a lot of developed countries.

What You Need

The preferred language of commerce in Singapore is English and you will also need a work visa which is not hard to get if you follow the right channels. It is always preferable to have a reputable international recruitment agency in your corner when you seek employment in Singapore. They are well versed with all the requirements, have an extensive network of working relationships with various employers, and have successfully handled myriad requirements over the years.

What to Do

What you should always remember is that recruitment agencies are not the same. Despite the glowing statistics that portray the industry as being very successful, here are still numerous underperformers who do not always play well or according to the rules and expectations of the numerous job seekers that vest their trust in them.

You must research your options and always ensure that you compare them. You must take time to look at the online reviews associated with the various options at your disposal. You must

How International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore Help Immigrants

Singapore is a place of great activity on the human resources map of the world. It has been heralded as the gateway to the east by major international companies. The rapid interest in this island nation has promoted infrastructural, economic and commercial opportunities like never before. International recruitment agencies are helping millions of people who are making a beeline to Singapore in search of better prospects.

Singapore’s rapidly increasing infrastructure development has opened an array of employment avenues for foreign workers. Construction jobs in Singapore are a highly popular sector, employing large numbers of semi-skilled workers and technicians. Electric works, plumbing, hardware, and other such segments have absorbed workers from almost all neighboring countries including Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The incessant demand for infrastructural development ensures that people have continued exposure to jobs in these segments and this has completely negated the conventional seasonal nature of such jobs.

Employment agencies are a reliable source through which prospective employees can apply for jobs in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), which is the regulatory authority for all immigration-related issues in Singapore, has elaborate guidelines that need to be carefully and expressly followed in order to legally stay and work in the country. Employment agencies keep track of updates and any such changes and inform the employees about the same. Furthermore, they also guide the searchers on all aspects of the immigration process and help them at each step.

Specifically in regard to construction jobs, employment agencies provide an immense data pool of requirements according to which the prospective searchers can apply. The agencies’ data keeps getting replenished, which ensures continuity of work for searchers. On the other hand, employers only have to reach an agency that relays their requirements further.

Importance of Employment Agencies in Singapore 1

This bridging function makes employment agencies indispensable. In terms of help with immigration procedures, it is recommended that employees procure the services of a reputable employment agency to streamline the entire process and ease the hassles involved. As for employers, the services of employment agencies translate into a remarkably cost-effective and time-efficient solution to meet their staffing needs.

Unfortunately, a recent spate of incidents involving locals of Singapore and immigrants has made some job seekers a bit apprehensive about the place. In actuality, there is nothing to worry about, as the place is exceptionally friendly and welcoming to workers from foreign countries. A legal entry into the country facilitated by employment agencies not only ensures smooth relocation, but instills a sense of goodwill about the individual.

All about Employment Pass in Singapore

Singapore has been a preferred destination for pleasure seekers and jobseekers alike. The island nation offers a host of options and opportunities in order to build a career. Unfortunately, for those who plan to move to this country, completing complex procedures, such as filing an employment pass application in Singapore, always pose a challenge. However, the regulation of relevant employment passes are absolutely necessary, considering the huge influx of immigrants the nation has to tackle each year.

There are different types of Employment passes in Singapore, which cater to foreign workers belonging to different salary ranges, qualifications and purpose of application.

Employment Pass

Types of Employment Passes

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

PEP is a document issued to foreigners who have drawn at least $ 18000 as their last fixed monthly salary. It lets you enjoy your stay in Singapore without having to worry about a lot of immigration hassles.  Holder of a PEP pass is allowed to stay in Singapore for a period up to 6 months to look for job opportunities. This pass is flexible in the sense that it is not issued for a specific employer, unlike the employment pass.

NOTE: The validity period of PEP is three years, after which it cannot be renewed.

The holder of this pass would have to maintain an annual fixed salary amount of $ 144,000 at least during the 3 years of validity.

Short-Term Employment Pass (STEP)

STEP is meant for workers who have been assigned short-term assignments; completion of which cannot exceed 1 month. The STEP is issued only once, and is non-renewable.

Another variant of the STEP pass is the Miscellaneous Work Pass. It is for those who have come to the country on short term assignments which do not last for more than 60 days. The following represent the group of people who make use of MWP the most

• Speakers at Seminars, conferences etc. organized by a registered organization. It may relate to religious beliefs, race or political stand as well.

However, it is interesting to note that artistes from foreign countries looking to perform in nightclubs, lounges, pubs etc. are not issued Professional Visit Passes.  They now would have to apply for Work Permits for performing artistes.

EntrePass (Employment Pass for Entrepreneurs)

The EntrePass is meant for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a feasible and formal business in Singapore. However, it does not include businesses which are not entrepreneurial in the strict sense of the term. Essentially, it does not include business like coffee shops, massage parlors etc. as they are easy to set up and cannot be fully regulated.

Hopes this read answers some of your questions regarding types of employment passes in Singapore.  To know more about types of employment passes visit here: