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What You Get From International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

There are a number of specialized industries which lack the adequate talent pool within Singapore, as with any other country. Foreign professionals can take advantage of this shortfall by seeking employment in Singapore. International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore can assist you in finding an ideal opportunity which appeals to your level of training and experience in a variety of industries. The country is in serious need of foreign skilled manpower to cover the yawning gap within its manpower requirements.

The State of the Job Market

Singapore is a highly developed country which boasts one of the world’s thriving economies. It has much to offer to the foreign graduate or professional who meets the required criterion and possess a sought-after qualification and/or skill.

What You Get From International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore 2

Opportunities are abundant within a broad selection of industries such as IT, software engineering, and finance, among many others. People who possess an impeccable level of qualifications and skill in these industries stand a good chance of landing employment in great profiles.

Most companies operate on a 5-day working week stretching from Monday to Friday although for some its business as usual even on Saturdays. On average the working week spans 44 hours and you will enjoy 11 public holidays. The personal tax rate that applies to Singapore is much less than what obtains in a lot of developed countries.

What You Need

The preferred language of commerce in Singapore is English and you will also need a work visa which is not hard to get if you follow the right channels. It is always preferable to have a reputable international recruitment agency in your corner when you seek employment in Singapore. They are well versed with all the requirements, have an extensive network of working relationships with various employers, and have successfully handled myriad requirements over the years.

What to Do

What you should always remember is that recruitment agencies are not the same. Despite the glowing statistics that portray the industry as being very successful, here are still numerous underperformers who do not always play well or according to the rules and expectations of the numerous job seekers that vest their trust in them.

You must research your options and always ensure that you compare them. You must take time to look at the online reviews associated with the various options at your disposal. You must

How International Recruitment Agencies in Singapore Help Immigrants

Singapore is a place of great activity on the human resources map of the world. It has been heralded as the gateway to the east by major international companies. The rapid interest in this island nation has promoted infrastructural, economic and commercial opportunities like never before. International recruitment agencies are helping millions of people who are making a beeline to Singapore in search of better prospects.

Singapore’s rapidly increasing infrastructure development has opened an array of employment avenues for foreign workers. Construction jobs in Singapore are a highly popular sector, employing large numbers of semi-skilled workers and technicians. Electric works, plumbing, hardware, and other such segments have absorbed workers from almost all neighboring countries including Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The incessant demand for infrastructural development ensures that people have continued exposure to jobs in these segments and this has completely negated the conventional seasonal nature of such jobs.

Employment agencies are a reliable source through which prospective employees can apply for jobs in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), which is the regulatory authority for all immigration-related issues in Singapore, has elaborate guidelines that need to be carefully and expressly followed in order to legally stay and work in the country. Employment agencies keep track of updates and any such changes and inform the employees about the same. Furthermore, they also guide the searchers on all aspects of the immigration process and help them at each step.

Specifically in regard to construction jobs, employment agencies provide an immense data pool of requirements according to which the prospective searchers can apply. The agencies’ data keeps getting replenished, which ensures continuity of work for searchers. On the other hand, employers only have to reach an agency that relays their requirements further.

Importance of Employment Agencies in Singapore 1

This bridging function makes employment agencies indispensable. In terms of help with immigration procedures, it is recommended that employees procure the services of a reputable employment agency to streamline the entire process and ease the hassles involved. As for employers, the services of employment agencies translate into a remarkably cost-effective and time-efficient solution to meet their staffing needs.

Unfortunately, a recent spate of incidents involving locals of Singapore and immigrants has made some job seekers a bit apprehensive about the place. In actuality, there is nothing to worry about, as the place is exceptionally friendly and welcoming to workers from foreign countries. A legal entry into the country facilitated by employment agencies not only ensures smooth relocation, but instills a sense of goodwill about the individual.

Finding a Singapore Recruitment Agency

People who have never worked with recruitment agencies find their operations to be a major mystery. They are unclear about how these entities function and usually harbor a lot of questions, such as – “what do the recruitment agencies do?”, “How good are they?”, “How to tell which one is the best?”, so on and so forth. If you have been looking for a Singapore recruitment agency, this article is going to shed some light on their operations to help you find one.

Recruitment Agencies: An Overview

Recruitment agencies are classified as companies just like any other company that has employees, makes a profit and pays taxes. They belong to a very competitive niche where success id reserved for the organized, driven and aware. Some of the companies operate locally within specific countries while some ply their trade on a global scale and have branches in several countries. These agencies specialize in facilitating international recruitments.Singapore Recruitment Agency

What Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

The activities of recruitment agencies basically cover two areas. The first one is concerned with assisting candidates in securing jobs while the second is concerned with helping companies and organizations secure the right employees for their requirements. The role is akin to that of a mediator between the candidates seeking employment and the companies seeking to employ. A large number of recruitment agencies receive payment for these services from the companies that recruit these candidates while the candidates don’t have to pay anything. This is of course not true for some agencies for one reason or the other.

What Can a Recruitment Agency Do for Job Seekers?

• Collect resumes and incorporate them in their database. The databases of various agencies operating in a similar market will progressively become similar due to the competition. The end result is a victory by the big agencies in landing the client an appointment.
• Provide professional help in crafting an appropriate resume. This service is sometimes extended as a paid one.
• Conduct a professional assessment of their skills and personality. This is done through a variety of tests that probe skills, language proficiency, aptitude, psychological, etc.
• Suggest on areas of improvement based on the outcome of skills analysis tests, thereby improving their chances of finding a rewarding work opportunity.
• Send resumes to prospective employers with vacancies matching the skill, qualifications and experience of candidates.
• Provide feedback in cases where a candidate has been unsuccessful to qualify the selection process
• Play the role of a mediator in salary negotiations, helping candidates to secure the maximum remuneration possible.

What Can An Agency Do For Employers?

• Search resumes that fit the recruitment needs of companies
• Advertise vacancies on the most appropriate platforms
• Conduct interviews and tests for the candidates
• Make proposals as to the best suitable candidates
• Provide free candidate replacements in situations where the candidate is fired or leaves the company within a given period.

The quality of services and links that you get as a candidate or employer largely depend on the quality and exposure of the agency. Hence, it is important to seek services from a leading recruitment firm in Singapore for jobseekers and employers alike.

Recruitment Agencies in Singapore: Find a Suitable Job with Ease!

Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

Singapore is globally renowned for its lavish standard of living. The country is a hub of numerous high paying employers that continually require capable employees who can prove to be an asset for them and take their business to greater heights. As a result, in order to attain a better standard of living with a high paying job, a large number of people from all over the world migrate to Singapore. In fact, it would be safe to say that Singapore is one of the top Asian countries for employment. However, for a foreign citizen, the task of finding a suitable job in the country can be complex.

There can be certain reasons for this notion. For example, some people might not be aware of the jobs that they can get in Singapore as per their capabilities. Additionally, in most cases, people are not much familiar with the process of obtaining relevant work permits, which adds to their troubles. That is the reason it is advisable for jobseekers to take the help of professional recruitment agencies in Singapore.

Obtaining a work permit in Singapore
Any foreign worker who wishes to work in Singapore is required to obtain an appropriate work permit. This is mandatory for every individual who comes to Singapore from any other country for employment. There are various types of work passes in Singapore, and the work pass for which you need to apply depends on your income bracket. The application procedure of these passes can be quite tedious and time consuming. To make the task easier, you can avail the services of an experienced and credible employment agency.

There are numerous options for employment agencies in Singapore. In fact, there are so many options that it may become a bit challenging for job seekers to choose the best agency. The most appropriate way to deal with this difficulty is to conduct thorough research regarding your options. In this research, the key areas that you need to focus upon are the quality of services that the agencies offer and the level of their credibility in the market.

In order to make a fair comparison among the given options, evaluating the client reviews received by the contenders can be of great help, as it will give you a fair idea about the level of competence you can expect from each of the options.

Hire a Professional Employment Agency in Singapore

Employment Agency in Singapore
Singapore is globally known for its high standards of living, as it is a hub of various high paying employers. Due to this, a large number of people migrate to this place in search of a better life and career opportunities. Today, Singapore is counted among the top Asian countries that provide a lavish standard of living and amazing job opportunities. However, due to the increasing competition and ever-changing economy, getting a job in Singapore as per your caliber can be challenging and might involve a number of difficulties, especially for foreigners. To make the process easy and stress-free, it is advisable to get the help of a reputed employment agency.

Singapore Recruitment Agencies- A Great Help
Most people prefer to seek the help of a capable Singapore employment agency in order to make the process of finding a suitable job tension-free and easy. These agencies are of great assistance to foreign citizens, looking for a suitable job opportunity in Singapore. Apart from making job search easy, these agencies also help you in obtaining various employment passes and work permits that are mandatory for any foreign worker who wishes to work in this country.

Selecting a Recruitment Agency: Points to Consider
Singapore has an abundance of recruitment agencies and therefore, it can become a bit confusing for job seekers to find a suitable option. If you are facing a similar problem, it is strongly recommended that you conduct a thorough search and select a suitable option as per your budget and requirements. You can find important details regarding the quality of services of an employment agency on its website. Experience is another major factor that should be considered while selecting an agency. Apart from experience, client reviews can also help you make a better decision. Select a suitable agency to maximize your chances of finding a suitable job.

Know What the Employment Pass Is All About

requirementEverybody would agree on the fact that Singapore is a great place for people who are in search of better career opportunities. There are many people who move to this place to enjoy an improved standard of living with a highly paid job in their hands. However, getting a job in Singapore is not as easy as it sounds, especially for people who migrate here from other parts of the world. This is because there are a lot of legal formalities involved. One of the most complex legal conditions is that if any foreign worker wishes to work in Singapore, he or she has to be a holder of an Employment Pass in Singapore. Before going further, it is essential to understand what exactly the Employment Pass is.

What is employment pass?
There are various types of work permits that foreigners have to obtain so that they can work here legally. If you are a foreigner and want to work in Singapore, you have to complete the process of work passes application in accordance with the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) rules & regulations. Though, there are numerous types of work passes the most common one is the employment pass. In Singapore, foreigners who are degree holders and have professional qualifications whose basic salary is at least SGD 3,000 are eligible to apply for an Employment Pass.

To make the process of application easy, it is advisable that you get the help of a credible employment agency in Singapore that can help you with full dedication and commitment. You should look for a company that can provide you with a highly experienced and expert employment agent so that you don’t have to struggle in getting a good job as per your needs and requirements.

Pros of Hiring International Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment AgenciesInternational placement consultants help companies find the best talent from different parts of the world for job openings. They act as intermediaries that match a job vacancy with the right candidate. Their services can be availed by both the employers and the job seekers. They make the task of finding the most suitable candidate easy by checking references, job histories and employee background before sending a candidate for an interview. Their services save energy, time and money. Apart from the afore mentioned, some other benefits of hiring international recruitment agencies are –

Quick Process
Finding an appropriate talent is generally a quick process through a staffing agency. All you need to do is inform the agency about your requirements, what qualifications you are looking for in candidates and how much are you willing to pay. An agency pulls candidates it believes fill your requirements and sends them for interviews. If you are working with a reputed agency, each candidate would already have had an employee reference check, background check and possess all the skill sets you require for the post.

Regardless of whether you need a suitable employee for construction jobs in Singapore, or someone in the banking sector, a staffing agency can help. An experienced agency is aware of the industry requirements and has the resources and the network that can help you find the best from different parts of the world. Also, a reputed agency can help you find a candidate for both temporary and permanent positions.

How to find a good placement agency
• Should be able to provide good customer service
• Must be experienced
• Have a positive past record

An employment agency plays a bridging role between the employer and the job candidate by matching the company’s requirements with the skills, ability and profile of the job seeker. How a placement agency finds the right candidate for the right job depends on their industry experience and exposure.